How J-Learn works

Our all new efficient and time saving learning management system.

Easy to use

J-learn is a user-friendly LMS with extensive documentation and continuous improvements that make it straightforward to learn and utilize. J-Learn is also accessible anywhere and anytime. It is also compatible with any browser and any access device.


All-in-one learning platform

This LMS solution can be configured to your preferred teaching modality. An experience that beats paper, J-Learn is highly customizable and adaptable to fit your needs and we also provide support for integrating other third party apps.


Robust and Secure

Our security infrastructure is regularly updated to ensure protection and counter against illegal access and to prevent fraudulent use and loss of data.

Endless possibilities

Learn from anywhere, the possibilities are endless!

Sign up and get additional 3 months hands-on support, plus detailed documentation and modular videos that will guide relevant stakeholders archived in the knowledge management system base (KBS) for easy access and referencing.