e-learning platform

Built to provide educators, administrators and students a robust and secure school management system for personalized learning.

For Administrators

1. Administrators can monitor lecturers and staff deliver lectures, discussions and resources like public library where students or staff can download (e.g course guide)
2. Make public announcements
3. Conduct Quizes on courses.
4. Have Live meetings via zoom
5. Schedule Calendar activity for the whole school
6. Make exports / downloads of existing staff and students for evaluation

For Lecturers

1. Lecturers can use J-Learn to set activities and deliver course resources (like deliver course materials online for students to download, learn and interact back).
2. Lecturers can give assignment to students, make assessment and can further make comments on the assignments submitted by the students.
i. Assignments have closure dates
ii. Assignments activity can be linked to exam score.
iii. Assignment submissions can be downloaded or extracted.
3. Communication: they can pass information or make announcements to different levels and courses students registered, each activity carried out that requires students attention send an email notification out to respective students
4. Documentation: All resource materials attached to a course can be setup one time and it’s copy-able to a different semester and session.

For Students

– Students get to receive instant   notifications /announcements via students’ dashboard  and emails.
– Have access to robust library and KBMS.
– Have access to learn seamlessly without being in the     four  walls of a classroom.
– Start to participate on class / course activities.

Endless possibilities

Learn from anywhere, the possibilities are endless!

Sign up and get additional 3 months hands-on support, plus detailed documentation and modular videos that will guide relevant stakeholders archived in the knowledge management system base (KBS) for easy access and referencing.